Marine, Mobility Vehicles, Lighthouses and Other

Marine, Mobility Vehicles, Lighthouses and Other

Battery Solutions

There are two main types of common batteries used for these various applications, namely Gel and Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM).

One battery is not necessarily better than the other, instead different batteries have different functionality, features and benefits. The recommended choice is often dependent on application requirements, however, in some cases there are solutions with both types of batteries.

What is an AGM Battery?

An AGM Battery is a valve regulated lead–acid battery (VRLA) that is different from flooded lead acid, it has its entire amount of electrolyte 'absorbed' in the separator material. The separator acts as a sponge and is saturated to approximately 98%. Therefore, an AGM battery is spill-proof & can be mounted in virtually any position.

Features of Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) Batteries

  • Suitable for High-rate application (UPS)
  • Good power supply
  • Good Temperature control
  • Perform very well in cold conditions
  • Stable charging
  • Very few power failures
  • Tend to be cheaper than gels

What is A Gel Battery?

A gel battery is a battery with an electrolyte in the form of a gel (liquid condensed with silicone filler). This type of battery is fully sealed and maintenance free. In ordinary models, the electrolyte has the form of a liquid: a mixture of sulfuric acid + water.

Gel batteries are not as common as AGM batteries but are often found in deep discharge situations such as wheelchair and medical mobility batteries, trolling motor batteries, and RV deep cycle batteries.

Features of Gel Batteries

  • Cycling applications - deep cycle gels
  • Unstable Power
  • Long discharge
  • Frequent use applications
  • Heat resistant situations
  • More tolerant to higher temperature applications
  • Tough electrical / mechanical applications

Application: Marine Boats

M+H power sell a wide range of Marine Gel batteries for all marine application requirements. We recommend Marine Haze Gel for their superior delivery, meeting your DC requirements in any extreme marine conditions. Haze marine gel batteries also have the advantage of using superior German gel technology.

Haze Gel Advantages:

  • Maintenance-free. Never top up acid again.
  • Allows installation in confined areas.
  • Resistant to under-bonnet heat, vibration and heavy discharge cycles.
  • More available Ampere-Hour (Ah) capacity than the equivalent size flooded cell battery.
  • Non-spillable. No more leaks or topping up. No more rusted battery trays. No risk of chlorine gas production in boats.
  • Low self-discharge. Can be stored and used in seasonal or infrequently used vehicles without going “flat”.
  • Install almost anywhere. No free acid or gas production. No explosive gasses or danger to people with respiratory problems.
  • Can install in a 4WD cargo area.
  • No acid danger to carpets or kids.
  • Deep Cycle battery life is measured in cycles - not CCA or Plates.
  • Some battery manufacturers don’t even publish their cyclic performance! When comparing different technology batteries, the choice is clear. Haze gel delivers a superior number of cycles. That means a longer life, and the best value for money. All of this adds up to a much higher level of reliability, value and peace of mind

Application: Lighthouse

Remote monitoring of lighthouses and beacons. Light Houses in New Zealand are managed by the Maritime New Zealand. The main lights and beacons of these light house towers located all around New Zealand are now monitored remotely by a computerised control system out of Wellington office.

The control system enables lighthouse engineers to check any faults via computer, and to troubleshoot most problems remotely. The rotation gear, lamp and power supply all have standby units that are automatically activated if there is a failure. Any faults are automatically relayed by computer to Maritime New Zealand staff.

Modern Light houses beacon lights are powered from battery banks charged by solar panels. An example of a typical back up battery for a light house would be:

The gelled electrolyte of Hoppecke OPzV batteries which also gives the option of vertical or horizontal assembly (optional). The OPzV range are optimal for applications like Light Houses or other high charge and discharge operation loads like solar and other off-grid applications.

Application: Golf Carts

Golf carts operate with a series of batteries that, together, are designed to supply a sufficient voltage and amperage. Due to these factors, the size and power requirements will be essential when buying replacement batteries. Outside of specialty carts, most carts operate on a 36V or 48V standard and need a series of cells to supply enough power.

When it comes to purchasing a battery, it’s essential to note that you aren’t powering your cart with a single battery. Instead, you will need a combination of 6V, 8V, or 12V batteries. To ensure effective and safe pass-through of power, you will need to maintain a standard.

Its volt electrical drive system will have a 36V or 48V system.If you are not able to determine if it’s a 36V or a 48V electrical drive system, lift the cart seat so you can bring the battery compartment into view. You will be able to see 3, 4, or 6 holes. By multiplying these holes by two, you will determine the battery’s voltage. Multiply this number by the total number of batteries installed in your golf cart.

These batteries used for golf carts tend to have thicker plates than your standard car starting battery. The thicker plates ensure the golf cart can endure longer periods of charging and discharging with less effect on its lifespan.

Application: Mobility Scooters and Wheelchairs

There are both gel and AGM options available for mobility scooters and wheelchairs.

M+H Power recommend the Haze HZB 12-18 Mobility Battery for wheelchair and scooter applications This battery is an Absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery recommended for use in mobility scooters. These Haze AGM batteries have a lower initial cost when compared to the equivalent Gel battery. They are Ideal for starting and stopping applications such as mobility scooters or electric wheelchairs.


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