Smart, Powerful Microinverter Technology

M+H Power is proud to have partnered with APSystems. It is the smartest microinverter on the market today. Their focus on innovation keeps APsystems microinverters ahead of the competition and puts more power and efficiency into your solar array.   APsystems offers advanced solar technology where the world needs it most: everywhere. 

Reliable, sustainable energy solutions

APsystems Micro-inverters are advanced, powerful solar microinverter technology designed for residential and commercial systems.   The APsystems microinverter solution combines highly efficient power conversion with user-friendly monitoring to bring you reliable, sustainable energy.   The proprietary system architecture increases solar harvest and ensures maximum output for PV arrays, and their strong commitment to Research & Development continues to bring new technologies and products to the marketplace.

Innovative YC600 and QS1 microinverters  

The innovative microinverters from AP Systems include the YC 600 which is a single microinverter that can manage two PV panels and the QS1 which is a single microinverter that can manage 4 panels.   In both these products each panel is managed independent of the other panels in the microinverter.  The advantage of microinverters is their low starting voltage which sees them start operating at a voltage of 22V as a pose to over 150V for standard string inverters. 

Explore the Range

ApSystems ECU-R

Energy communication unit

ApSystems ECU-C

Energy communication unit with advanced functions

YC600 Microinverter

Single unit connects two modules

ApSystems QS1 Microinverter

Single unit connects up to four solar modules

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